About Me

Every summer, until I was about seven years old, my sister and I would spend time with my grandparents in a little town outside of Albany, Ga called Baconton. Unlike the name, there wasn't much 'bacon' but plenty of pecans, sugar cane, berries and other vegetables my grandfather had in his garden to feed some amazing childhood memories. I remember dinnertime being a feast. I can taste the Lipton tea sweetened to perfection by my grandmother and laughing at how my grandfather would drink his after-dinner-coffee or before-bed-coffee. He managed the longest slurps with every sip he'd take because "that's how you drink coffee," he'd say. 

My favorite memory was sharing the recliner next to my grandfather's with my sister while he watched the local and national newscasts. Soon after his daily dose of news my, we would watch Wheel-of-Fortune that almost felt like part of the nightly news. What my sister and I didn't realize was that my grandfather couldn't read or write, so the only way he got his news was by watching it. And when we would watch the "Spin-the-wheel" show it was because he was teaching himself how to read. 

So, at the tender age of seven, I knew I wanted to become a news reporter. I wanted to help people like my grandfather, and my grandmother who only had a third-grade education, stay informed and be included in conversations regarding the world around them. For that reason alone, I love being a journalist. I enjoy using the camera as a pen to tell stories, and I appreciate connecting people with the world and the amazing people in it.

If you are reading this -- THANK YOU for visiting my page! Feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate on any video projects or to share a good laugh over coffee. 

Kind Regards, 

Otha and Nancy Butler's 19th Granddaughter!

Otha and Nancy Butler
Cat Witherspoon